Close-up of blue eyeSome of the ways Jennifer Long Visual Ergonomics has assisted other businesses include:

• On-site visual ergonomics assessments to:

- Assist individuals with specific visual needs

- Determine solutions to discomfort from lighting and glare

- Evaluate and provide advice on the introduction of new visual displays

- Assess whether work processes are detrimental to vision and eye health

- Provide advice on appropriate spectacle lens options for work environments

• Visual ergonomics advice on the design of workplaces and equipment

• On-site vision screening with statistical analysis of the results

• Facilitated workshops / group discussions and individual interviews with workers to:

- Elicit reasons for non-compliance with eye protection

- Determine satisfaction with the working environment and the introduction of new technology

- Gather ideas for how to implement change within workplaces

• Development and evaluation of policy documents to ensure their currency e.g. use of multiple visual displays, appropriate spectacles for specific work environments, colour vision

• Education:

- Professional development lectures and seminars

- Staff in-services on topics such as eye protection, vision and computers, office ergonomics, vision in the workplace

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