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Top Tips for Purchasing a Task Lamp

A task lamp is an excellent way to provide extra light on your work, whether you are reading a book or engaged in an intricate hobby.

But shopping for a task lamp can be confusing. It can also be expensive—especially if you buy one that is not right for you, and then you don’t use it.

Here are 4 tips to help you when purchasing a task lamp. Happy shopping!

 1. Lightweight or heavyweight design?

A task lamp should light your work, not get in the way when you perform your work.

* Small, lightweight designs are good if you want to move the lamp away from the task or off your desk when it’s no longer required.

* Larger, heavier designs can be more stable, but may not be so easy to move on your desk. If you prefer a heavy design, then purchase one with a goose neck, or some other mechanism, that allows you to adjust the position of the light over your task.

  2. Can you adjust the lamp brightness?

Adjustable illumination is not essential, but handy if you are doing an intricate task and need extra light to see.

Some lamps have pre-set illumination settings, such as low/medium/high. Others have a dimmer switch.

If you purchase an LED task lamp, check that the light does not flicker when you dim the illumination.

3. Will the light shine in your eyes?

It is surprising how many designs have a lamp that protrudes from the lamp shade. This is not a good design because the lamp brightness can shine in your eyes and be a glare source.

A much better design will shield the light source from view.

 Flat panel LED task lights (without a lamp shade) have recently become popular. The best way to use these is to place the lamp below eye level so that the task is illuminated and the lamp does not shine in your eyes.

 4. Do you like the appearance of the task lamp?

This can make the world of difference for your satisfaction with the task lamp, and influence whether you unpack it from its box and use it for your work.

By all means select a task lamp that you find attractive. But don’t let this shadow the other functional requirements that make the design comfortable and easy to use. 

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