Work-related discomfort in optometrists

What does work-related discomfort in optometrists have to do with visual ergonomics?

When I tell my optometry colleagues that I am also an ergonomist, many describe to me their own physical discomfort within the optometry consultation room e.g. sore back or neck.

After hearing these stories for close to 8 years, I embarked on a research project to investigate work-related discomfort in the optometry profession. This project grew into a multi-stage study and led to the award of a PhD in 2013. Some optometrists have already used the strategies and recommendations given in my thesis to improve their own physical comfort at work.

I am pleased to have been able to combine my optometry and ergonomics skills to assist the comfort of my optometry colleagues. A copy of my thesis can be found here. The individual peer-reviewed papers which comprise the thesis are listed below.


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And here are some other articles I have written on the topic which were not a part of my thesis:

Long J (2010) Technology challenges for private practice clinicians: Human factors to the rescue
Ergonomics Australia (2010) 24(1): 31-35

Long J (2008) Using your head when buying equipment can prevent a pain in the neck
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Long J (2000) Safe Practices.
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“New work practices create new challenges for vision and posture” at the Australian Physiotherapy Association Momentum2017 ConferenceSydney, Australia.