Design-out a visual ergonomics problem before it is built into your workplace

Design-out a visual ergonomics problem before it is built into your workplace

Good visual ergonomics design can improve visual comfort and help people work more easily…

20 years ago when I first conceived the idea for my consultancy business, I envisaged that I would help individuals by solving vision problems in the workplace. While I am able to assist individuals, I have also come to realise that many “sore eyes” and “visual discomfort” issues are linked to design, such as location of workstations relative to windows, the number of digital displays on a workstation or the way information is displayed.

Wouldn’t it be better if I could prevent these problems from occurring in the first place?

If only I could design-out visual ergonomics problems before they are built into a system…

Work environments and products

I can provide visual ergonomics advice to assist you design offices, control rooms, information displayed on products, signage and visual displays, and lighting.

I am happy to work with you and other professionals (such as ergonomists, lighting designers, computer interface designers, architects) to achieve outcomes that are good for your business and for those using the product or environment.

Please contact me to explore how I can help you and your business.

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