Interpreting technical information to understand how it applies to your business

Using my educational background and experience in optometry and ergonomics I am able to interpret technical visual ergonomics information to help you understand how it applies to your business. Here are two examples of how I can assist you:

  • Have you received a medical report for one of your workers describing their eye health problems? What does the report mean? Do you need to apply workplace modifications to assist the worker? If so, what workplace modifications are best?
  • Are you redesigning your workplace lighting? Did you receive a technical report for the lighting design, but don’t really understand the content? Do you need an independent person to explain the technical detail in the lighting report?
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Conferences + Seminars.

Here are the conferences and events that I will be speaking at in 2019:

Previous seminars and conferences from the past few years:

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“Visual displays and lighting” within the workshop “Critical control rooms for the next generation of operations” at Comms Connect Melbourne, Australia.