Making visual ergonomics modifications to your workplace

Have you identified a visual ergonomics issue within your workplace?

Do you need to quantify the extent of a visual ergonomics problem to initiate modifications to the workplace?

Do you require some fresh ideas for solving a visual ergonomics issue in your workplace?

I can work with individuals and with teams of people to identify, quantify and solve visual ergonomics issues within workplaces. Some of the projects I have assisted with include:

  • Addressing glare from windows and from artificial lights.
  • Arrangement of furniture and equipment within an office to enable good workflow and good lines of sight.
  • Modifications to improve posture when performing visually intense tasks such as using multiple visual displays, using microscopes, partaking in visual arts and craft activities.
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Conferences + Seminars.

Here are the conferences and events that I will be speaking at in 2021:

Previous seminars and conferences from the past few years: