Solving an individual’s visual discomfort.

I can work with individuals and their managers to help solve visual ergonomics issues in the workplace. Some of the issues I have assisted with include:

  • Discomfort associated with glare from artificial lighting and from windows.
  • Headaches and visual discomfort when using visual displays.
  • Modifications to work/workstations to cater for people with vision difficulties.
  • Setting up visual display technology at workstations to enable good work flow.
  • Arrangement of furniture and equipment within an office to enable good workflow and good lines of sight.


Here is an article describing how I assisted a lady with low vision (caused by keratoconus) to modify her workstation to improve work flow.

Long J (2011) Users of assistive technology also require assistance with ergonomics.

Work 39: 79-84

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Conferences + Seminars.

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